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Who I am

Aaron, an 20 year veteran to the finance industry came into the field from Mining, Heavy Equipment Operation, Welding and long haul truck driving. Since entering the finance industry his clientele has ranged from those purchasing their first home, building their dream home or investing in multiple properties for long term cash flow. His expertise is in the complicated. If the client is willing to go to the extent needed to accomplish the goal of a completed transaction, they have a finance industry battle worn partner to walk thru the tough parts of a transaction with them.

In addition to a career in real estate finance Aaron is very happily married to his wife of 22 years with 4 children. Aaron and his wife both take great pride in watching their children mature and make calculated decisions about their lives with their parents coaching. The hind sight education is openly discussed and both parent and child benefit from such conversation.

A drive to contribute to the community and provide their children with a service oriented example took Aaron and his wife to joining the Pinal County Sheriff’s office volunteer Rescue Unit. They are both Team leaders within the Unit with designations as EMT (his wife is a Paramedic), Off Road , Technical Rescuers as well as the Air Rescue Unit. Their team experiences in excess of 50 rescues each year. In recent years they were called on to participate in several high profile rescues. One of which received international media attention for the rescue of a Base Jumper caught on a cliff face where Aaron was sent 680 feet down the cliff to retrieve the suspended jumper.

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Aaron speaks the language so well and is an overall excellent guy. They held our hand throughout the whole process and we can’t wait to use him for every single home we buy!


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It was a pleasure to work with SNMC because they were responsive and honest when answering questions regarding the loan approval process. I felt comfortable with the whole loan approval process for being a first-time investor in the real estate market.


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All of my expectations were met and everyone involved was very easy to work with.


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This is our second closing with Aaron and his team and we are incredibly happy to work with them all. This last closing the seller wanted to close in 3 weeks. Wow, big ask! Aaron and his team sailed through this with ease and grace. We closed a day early on our end. TY! to the team!



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