Our Advantages

SNMC Advantages

You have many options to get a loan and we thank you for visiting us and considering SecurityNational for your purchase loan or refinance. Many of our customers wonder what makes us different from our competitors and it really boils down to these traits:


Loan Products

Our size and stability allow us a distinct advantage in developing loan programs. Whether it’s the institutional power to develop programs with existing investors or the financial power to develop programs unique to SNMC, we have great programs available for our customers. In addition to FHA, VA and conventional loans, we also do USDA/Rural Housing, state specific specialty programs for first time home buyers, reverse mortgages and construction loans. Find out more about our loan programs here.


SecurityNational Mortgage is a subsidiary of Security National Financial Corporation which is publicly traded on the NASDAQ index under SNFCA. We’ve been in the mortgage business since 1993 and have the strength and stability of two other complementary businesses to rely upon. Our experience allows us to perform quickly and seamlessly while providing great rates and service to our customers.


We are a growing company that has tripled in size in the past 18 months. The overall mortgage market has decreased during the downturn, but our market share has increased. The benefit to you of our size is we have the systems in place to make your transaction a smooth one. Do you need a fast closing to execute a purchase contract? We can do it! Do you need to get your refinance done quickly? We can do it! Do you need a rock solid pre-approval? We can do it!

We are up to date, extensively trained, and fully implemented to save you time, and eliminate worry.