Welcome to the SNMC technical assistance page! Since every situation is different, we provide multiple channels to get the help you need. Please utilize the following based on your needs.

We are here to help.

Submit a Ticket

This is the fastest way to get your problem solved. When you submit a ticket, your issue will be assigned to a representative who is best equipped to solve it.

Submit tickets for requests such as hardware and software, Okta Verify and 2 Factor Authentication setup, setting up printers, phone setup assistance, credential requests (new credentials and password resets).

Send an Email

If, for some reason, the SysAid portal is not working, feel free to send an email to help@snmc.com. This is monitored regularly and our helpful staff will submit a ticket on your behalf. From there, it will be assigned to a representative that will be able to solve your problem the fastest.

Give Us a Call

If you can’t submit a ticket or send an email, feel free to give us a call.

We know that this may seem like the fastest option. However, the person answering the phone may not be the person who can best solve your problem. Also, during times of high call volumes it may take longer than you care to wait for someone to be available.

In most cases, we will create a ticket on your behalf so that it gets routed to the person that can solve your problem the quickest.

The IT Department phone number is 866-680-7662