SecurityNational Mortgage Company Recognized as Scotsman Guide Top Workplace 2024

SecurityNational Mortgage Company Recognized as Scotsman Guide Top Workplace 2024

Building a Stronger Future Together

We are thrilled to announce that SecurityNational Mortgage Company has been honored as a Scotsman Guide Top Workplace for the year 2024. This prestigious recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to our employees, our communities, and our mission to make a positive impact in the mortgage industry.


What Makes SecurityNational Mortgage Company Unique

At SecurityNational Mortgage Company, we embrace the belief that our employees are at the heart of our success. We not only provide exceptional mortgage lending services but also foster a supportive and inclusive work environment where every individual can thrive. Here are some key factors that set us apart:

1. Community-driven Approach: We live, work, and play alongside the communities we serve. We understand the importance of giving back and making a difference. Through extensive community outreach, local charity events, and partnerships with homegrown organizations, our loan officers actively contribute to the betterment of our neighborhoods.

2. President’s Trip:  As a token of our appreciation for their outstanding performance, our top producers earn an exclusive opportunity to embark on our annual President’s Trip. This year, we are excited to celebrate success in the enchanting city of Vienna, Austria. Past trips have taken us to breathtaking destinations such as Hawaii, Alaska, Thailand, and Costa Rica, providing our high-performing team members with unforgettable experiences.

3. Career Advancement: We believe in nurturing the growth and development of our employees. Through comprehensive training programs, mentorship opportunities, and continuous support, we empower our team members to advance in their careers. Our commitment to their professional growth is a cornerstone of our success as an organization.


Contributing and Giving Back to Our Communities

At SecurityNational Mortgage Company, we understand the importance of making a positive impact beyond the mortgage industry. We engage in various initiatives and events to contribute to the well-being of our communities. Here are a few notable examples:

1. Fundraiser for the Homeless: Our Pacific Northwest (PNW) Team took the initiative to raise funds for the homeless community in the area. Their dedication and compassion made a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.

2. Anahola Music Festival & Food Drive: In partnership with past clients, local talents, and community organizations, SNMC Hawaii organized the Anahola Music Festival & Food Drive. Through this event, we collected 582 lbs. of non-perishable foods and raised $3,537 for Kauai, showcasing our commitment to supporting local communities.

3. A Place Called Home: In sponsorship of “A Place to Call Home,” SecurityNational Mortgage participated in their third annual gala fundraiser in West Georgia. This event aimed to provide support and resources to those in need, demonstrating our dedication to creating a better future for everyone.


Join Our Team

If you are looking for a fulfilling career with a company that values community, growth, and making a difference, we invite you to consider joining SecurityNational Mortgage Company. As a part of our team, you will have access to a range of perks and benefits that foster personal and professional development. Visit our Careers Page to explore the exciting opportunities that await you.

As we celebrate our recognition as a Scotsman Guide Top Workplace 2024, we remain committed to our mission of providing exceptional mortgage services while positively impacting the communities we serve. SecurityNational Mortgage Company’s unique approach, commitment to employee growth, and dedication to giving back truly set us apart. Together, we will continue to build a stronger future, one mortgage at a time.

SecurityNational Mortgage Implements a Fully Paperless Closing Process Using DocMagic’s Total eClose™ Platform


SecurityNational Mortgage Implements a Fully Paperless Closing Process Using DocMagic’s Total eClose™ Platform

Lender achieves full eClosing benefits, faster and more reliably, as the result of DocMagic’s consultative implementation process, single-source platform, and intuitive UI

Hundreds of SecurityNational Mortgage guests were on their feet in elation as Sloan Urry made the winning pass just in front of their suite on the front straightway Saturday on a sunny afternoon just outside of his home town in Utah.

TORRANCE, Calif. and SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Dec. 19, 2018DocMagic, Inc., the premier provider of fully-compliant and document preparation, regulatory compliance and comprehensive eMortgage services, and SecurityNational Mortgage Corporation (SNMC), an independent national mortgage banker, jointly announced that they successfully rolled out DocMagic’s comprehensive Total eClose™ platform.

Since rolling out Total eClose in September, SNMC has reduced borrower time at the closing table to as little as 15 minutes, and become one of the first national lenders to offer a true eClosing solution that involves no paper whatsoever. It has dramatically sped up the closing process, ensuring accuracy and loan quality, and delivering newfound efficiencies for borrowers, notaries and settlement providers. Total eClose enables SNMC’s customers to preview documents prior to closing, eSign all documents, and complete both remote and in-person eNotarizations. As a result, SNMC is now positioned to capture more market share, reduce operational costs, expedite closing times and elevate the borrower experience.

“Our goal was to perfect a completely digital eClosing process, not to be just another lender offering a basic hybrid closing,” said Steve Johnson, president of SNMC. “Achieving our goal required a powerful end-to-end technology, a perfectly executed seamless implementation, and an intuitive interface that everyone-staff, settlement service providers and borrowers-could use immediately, without a steep learning curve. We got that and more with DocMagic. Plus, the DocMagic implementation team was with us all the way. We never had to worry about a thing.”

The two companies approached the project as partners to ensure swift adoption and a quick understanding of the new workflow-driven eClosing process for both SNMC’s staff and customers. DocMagic worked hand-in-hand with the lender, leveraging its vast eMortgage expertise to help sculpt a unique strategy and a successful go-to-market launch. Unlike other document and eClosing solution providers, DocMagic takes an ultra hands-on approach to implementations, from developing the project roadmap, to training all parties-such as staff, title agents and notaries-to synchronized testing of each facet of the Total eClose platform.

“Our implementation teams function like expert consultants-we work very closely with each client, guiding them literally every step of the way,” said Dominic Iannitti, president and CEO of DocMagic. “There is a huge number of moving pieces in an eClosing solution. As a single source solution, we have intricate knowledge of every one of them, so there are none of the issues that plague other providers-not only immediately after the implementation, but over the long haul as well. In contrast, lenders who

choose incomplete or cobbled-together eClosing technologies may have to hit the restart button within 12 to 18 months and search for a comprehensive solution.”

DocMagic is a recognized eClosing pioneer, and has been a part of virtually every state-first eClosing in the U.S.

“We’re pleased to work with companies like SecurityNational Mortgage that truly understand the value of implementing a 100 percent paperless eClosing process,” said Iannitti. “They have taken a leadership position in facilitating eClosings and are ready for an inflow of new business that will be conducted very efficiently.”

DocMagic’s comprehensive suite of eSolutions and eServices also includes SMARTDocs, eNotes capability, eVault technology, eWarehouse lending, and even loan servicing.

About DocMagic:

DocMagic, Inc. is the leading provider of fully-compliant loan document preparation, compliance, eSign and eDelivery solutions for the mortgage industry. Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Torrance, Calif., DocMagic, Inc. develops software, mobile apps, processes and web-based systems for the production and delivery of compliant loan document packages. The company’s compliance experts and in-house legal staff consistently monitor legal and regulatory changes at both the federal and state levels to ensure accuracy. For more information on DocMagic, visit 

About SecurityNational Mortgage Company:

SecurityNational Mortgage Company (SNMC) is an award-winning retail mortgage lender. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, the company has 102 offices across the nation and is currently licensed in 44 states. SNMC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Security National Financial Corporation, a publicly traded company (SNFCA – NASDAQ®). Founded in 1993, SNMC is celebrating its 25th year in business and is proud to have helped thousands of homeowners each year with their home purchases and refinances. SecurityNational Mortgage Company is an Equal Housing Lender (NMLS 3116). For more information, visit

Media Contacts:

Joe Bowerbank
Profundity Communications, Inc. for DocMagic

Paul Christensen
SecurityNational Mortgage Company


SNMC Press Center


Presidents Trip

After careful consideration, SNMC is excited to announce the 2025 President's Trip: a 7-day cruise to the stunning shores of Norway. Experience Norway's rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking landscapes. Sail through magnificent fjords, marvel at towering...

Journey to Home Ownership

Journey to Home Ownership

Discover the keys to successful home ownership in our comprehensive blog post. From understanding mortgage options to navigating paperwork and closing, gain valuable insights and expert tips to make your journey smooth.

Community Partnership Benefits All

By Mikel FrederickJune Metro Volunteer Program (MVP) Newsletter Las Vegas, NV — At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Las Vegas was facing a dire shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), and many had lost their jobs. In true Las Vegas Strong fashion, the Las...

DXDT Racing finishes strong at Grand Prix of Texas

DXDT Racing finishes strong at Grand Prix of Texas

Austin, TX – March 24th and 25th was an exciting weekend for SecurityNational Mortgage-sponsored DXDT Racing. At the Grand Prix of Texas at Circuit of the Americas, in Austin, TX, they competed in the first and second round of the Pirelli World Challenge SprintX Action. 15 VIP guests cheered them on as they secured TWO 2nd place finishes! Next up, DXDT will be competing at the Virginia International Raceway on April 28th and 29th. We wish them the best of luck.

DXDT Racing is in Gear for PWC

DXDT Racing is in Gear for PWC

Tooele, UT (January 17, 2018) – An expanded PWC effort is in gear with the 2018 partnership announcement with USALCO and SecurityNational Mortgage Company (SNMC) by DXDT Racing. The Utah based team has just unveiled and tested the brand new Mercedes-AMG GT4.

The team will be setting up shop for the next three months in Florida to set the stage.“This is a significant milestone for DXDT Racing,” said team principal David Askew. “We are building a long term relationship with the manufacturer to bring new customers to experience the dynamic roll out with AMG for potentially a GT4 & GT3 competitive platform at PWC.”

The former championship-winning Lamborghini Super Trofeo series team rolled out a new competitive platform with AMG for inviting gentlemen drivers to acquire a seat for a single race or an entire season. The opportunity includes a customized driver development program with world-class coaching, expert assessment, engineering input and mechanical maintenance, all with an advancement scale based on one’s own comfort for pace and performance. The mission of DXDT Racing is to provide an environment where you can accelerate at one’s own level of proficiency towards the development as a high-performance race car driver. The DXDT Driver Development Program is uniquely customized for every client’s personal goals and desires.

“We are excited for our new relationship with David Askew and DXDT Racing,” said Michael Shehan, SNMC Chief Marketing Officer. “Activating at PWC events around the country allow us to host our employees, partners and sponsors in several markets. Having team support close to our corporate headquarters allows us to host more VIP track days and events. The relationships that DXDT has established with several North American Customer Racing Programs, luxury automobile dealerships, and their stable of racing assets and support resources, gives this relationship a ton of potential.”

About SecurityNational Mortgage Company:

Founded in 1993, SecurityNational Mortgage Company (SNMC) is one of the largest retail mortgage lenders in the United States and a subsidiary of the Security National Financial Corporation, (SNFCA – NASDAQ). With more than 100 offices and 600 loan officers, SNMC helps thousands of consumers achieve homeownership. The company is known for providing clients with the highest level of service, competitive rates and a full array of mortgage loan options. The company had sales volume greater than $2.5 billion in 2017, in an overall mortgage market that experienced almost a 35% decrease from previous year sales. SecurityNational Mortgage Company is ranked as a ‘Top 50 Mortgage Lender’ by Scotsman Guide and Mortgage Executive Magazine. SNMC and its employees donate time and efforts to many charitable organizations across the country.

“SecurityNational’s corporate culture has driven our performance, and has created an environment where our employees truly excel. The amazing people that make up our business, including our employees, customers, and partners, all contribute to that story.” said Steve Johnson, President at SecurityNational Mortgage Company. “Our tagline, ‘Turning Houses Into Homes’, defines our daily mission. We are honored to help thousands of families across the nation achieve homeowners.”

Ranked as a ‘Top 50 Mortgage Lender,’ SecurityNational Mortgage uses key elements of it’s marketing strategy around the motorsports program.

For information regarding SNMC, visit their website at or call 801.590.2277

USALCO® Delivers Quality, Value and Flexibility

USALCO® has a long history of developing close relationships with its customers to create innovative and flexible customer solutions. These unique capabilities and services are what set USALCO apart from other chemical manufacturers. USALCO® is a leader in potable and industrial water and wastewater treatment chemistry. It’s also well-known for high quality and low cost alumina chemical applications, such as products for the manufacture of catalysts, titanium dioxide and molecular sieves.

By offering Innovative Product Solutions USALCO is especially known for two industry leading products, DelPAC® and Delta-Floc®. By custom capabilities and a commitment to Value USALCO products are very economical. USALCO is sensitive to the budgetary needs of its customers and dedicated to meeting their unique, custom requirements. USALCO offers flexible shipping capabilities where products can be shipped at low cost from any of it’s convenient plants in Baltimore, MD; Ashtabula, Ohio; Fairfield, Ohio; Gahanna, Ohio; Michigan City, Indiana and Port Allen, Louisiana.

Partners like USALCO, SNMC, Bell Racing, Sparco and Hammer Nutrition are invited on board the 2018 season to rev the dream alongside and brand with DXDT Racing with many points of entry. DXDT Racing offers exceptional venues for entertaining partners to recruit new ROI in the field, or reward top performing employees. Activating a customer experience with a channel program with prestigious VIP treatment to a full team interactive immersion in the paddock or pit. As the season expands with PWC efforts are in gear to initiate a brand new Mercedes AMG GT4 program, alongside our GT3 program.

For further information regarding partnership opportunities or DXDT driver development program contact Richard Raeder, team manager at 775-842-9692 or Katie Spies.

Follow DXDT Racing on Facebook and Twitter @DXDTRACING for live action posts.

Katie Spies
DXDT Racing

Photo credit: Spencer Steele, Utah Motorsports Campus 03/28/17

New Corporate Campus Celebrated with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

New Corporate Campus Celebrated with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Security National celebrated the completion of the first of six buildings that will make up the new corporate campus located in Murray, Utah. The development will be known as 53rd Center. Scott Quist, CEO of SNFC, help the honor of cutting the ribbon.

The center will be a key part of the development project marketing campaign as it is located right in the middle of the Salt Lake metro area. The center will feature six buildings with total leasable space exceeding 1 million square feet. While leasing demand continues to pick up for the first building at 53rd Center, SecurityNational Mortgage will be a major tenant.

Until now, production management and operations management have been scattered throughout the Salt Lake Valley. Bringing the Security National companies together under one roof will give us an opportunity to continue improving the speed and efficiency of our operations. We are all looking forward to the move, scheduled to be sometime in late fall of 2017.

SecurityNational Mortgage Company Donates $15,000 to Family Promise of Salt Lake

SecurityNational Mortgage Company Donates $15,000 to Family Promise of Salt Lake

SecurityNational Mortgage Company made a significant donation of $15,000 to the non-profit group Family Promise of Salt Lake.

Family Promise of Salt Lake is an interfaith alliance that helps homeless families achieve self-sufficiency. Family promise helps provide shelter and housing services for the homeless. In addition, Family Promise strives to facilitate lasting income and environmental stability for the families they serve.

Paul Christensen, Vice President of SecurityNational presented a check of $15,000 on Thursday to support the non-profit organization in their mission to serve and support the homeless and announced a corporate sponsorship with the non-profit organization.

“Family Promise is a great organization and it really gives back to the community. I think it will be great for [our] employees to have a hand in that and be able to do something for others in need,” said Christensen.

SNMC is looking forward to working with Family Promise on increasing their donations through employee participation.

Since 2015, Family Promise of Salt Lake has helped hundreds of families find safer and more habitable shelter and learn lasting, valuable life-skills to help them transition away from homelessness. The mission of Family Promise is achieved through thousands of hours from volunteers throughout the community and from various religious congregations, as well as generous donations from community supporters and organizations.

Learn more about how you can get involved with Family Promise of Salt Lake by visiting FPSL.ORG.