Down Payment Assistance Programs and State Housing Agency Loans

Down payment assistance programs provide help for homebuyers who don’t have enough cash for a down payment. These funds are available through state and local programs and can come in the form of a grant or a gift, forgivable loans, zero-interest or low-interest loans, or deferred payments. Most of these programs are for first-time homebuyers, but might work if you’ve owned a home previously. Some programs are available for specific professionals, such as teachers, city employees and first responders. The requirements for each program vary, and programs vary by zip-code and state.


Who can receive down payment assistance programs and state housing agency?

Requirements and terms and conditions vary by location. Check with a loan officer in your area for more information on programs available to you.


First-time homebuyers


Homebuyers who haven't owned a home in the past three years


Eligible professionals

Many local and state programs are available to city, county and state employees, teachers, first responders and other similar types of employment.


Homebuyers in specific, approved locations

Types of down payment assistance programs and state housing agency loans:


Grants or gifts that never have to be repaid


Zero-interest and forgivable loans

These loans are forgiven over a certain period of time and don’t have to be repaid as long as the borrower owns or lives in the home after the period is over.


Loans with deferred payments

Generally, no payments on the down payment and closing costs are due until the home is sold, the mortgage is refinanced, or the mortgage reaches the end of its term.


Low interest loans

Loan must be repaid over a certain period of time, making home ownership more possible by spreading the down payment and closing costs over multiple years.


Programs vary by zip code and state

Check with a loan office in your area for more information on available programs

Is a downpayment assistance program right for you?

If you’re a first-time homebuyer looking for some extra help in covering your down payment and closings costs, buying a home in a low-income area, or a government employee, there might be a program in your area that can help.


You are a first-time homebuyer


You are a low-income first-time homebuyer


You are buying a home in a low-income area


You are a government employee, teacher or emergency responder


You need help with downpayment and closing costs

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