Mortgage Refinance

A mortgage refinance might be a option choice for you if you are looking to get a lower interest rate, lower monthly principal and interest payments (“monthly payment”), shorten the term, or take cash out of the homes stored equity.

Use our mortgage refinance calculator to see how much money a mortgage refinance could save you.

Reasons to refinance a mortgage:


Take cash out

Use the equity in your home to pay off debt, renovate your home or extra cash for whatever else you need.


Lower monthly payments

You might be able to get a lower monthly payment and free up some room in your budget.


Lower mortgage rate

If mortgage rates have changed, you might be able to lock in a better rate and lower your monthly payments.


Shorten the term of your mortgage

Save money in the long run by shortening the term of your mortgage

Is a mortgage refinance right for you?

Deciding to refinance takes careful consideration. There are several factors to consider and a SNMC loan professional can help you adequately weigh these complex issues.

Even a modest reduction in the interest rate can trim your monthly payment. The significance of such savings in any scenario will depend on your income, budget, loan amount, closing costs and the change in interest rate. A SNMC loan professional can help calculate the different scenarios for you to determine if this would be financially advantageous. Consulting your tax advisor is also encouraged, as your personal tax situation may affect your decision.

Here are some important things to consider to determine if a mortgage refinance is right for you:


Your credit score

Your credit score will determine which refinance options are available to you.


Your current monthly payment

Understanding your monthly budget will help you determine if a refinance will ultimately save you money. For example, if your goal is to pay off the loan faster with a shorter term, your monthly payment may increase. If your goal is to lower your monthly payment, you’ll want to consider whether a refinance also saves you money in the long run

You want consistent monthly mortgage payments


Value of your home

The value of your home impact your ability to to refinance, especially if your goal is to take cash out of your home equity.

Why choose SecurityNational Mortgage for your mortgage refinance?

We’re experts with deep experience in underwriting, processing, and refinancing mortgages. Let our professionals guide you through the experience!

This is not a commitment to make a loan, nor should it be construed as lending advice. Loans are subject to borrower qualifications, including income, property evaluation, sufficient equity in the home to meet LTV requirements, and final credit approval. Approvals are subject to underwriting guidelines, interest rates, and program guidelines, and are subject to change without notice based on applicant’s eligibility and market conditions. Refinancing an existing loan may result in total finance charges being higher over life of loan. Reduction in payments may reflect longer loan term. Terms of the loan may be subject to payment of points and fees by the applicant. SecurityNational Mortgage Company is an Equal Housing Lender NMLS# 3116.

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