Providing grandchildren a better life

Shelly Simon — Loan Processor, Mid-Atlantic Region

“Rosalind” was the sweetest lady , was one of my first clients as a new processor and she had a very complicated income situation to sort through. She had never owned a home and had recently gotten custody of her 5 grandchildren and wanted nothing more than to raise them in their own home to give them the stability and life they had not had before. She had been turned down by another lender who had told her she was not a worthy candidate for home ownership which made me all the more determined to find a way to help her along with the LO at the time.  It was very tricky, and we had to ask for many different types of documentation, and I had to walk her through everything very carefully because she was not tech savvy and really unsure of how to obtain certain things. I spoke to her multiple times per day for almost three weeks while we worked on her loan and helped her to just feel comfortable and reassured that we were going to do all we could to make things happen.  I’ll never forget when we were finally able to clear that loan to close; that phone call will stick with me forever because we gave something very special to this lady who had worked very hard to provide a better life for her 5 grandchildren.  I sent her a card to her new address so when she arrived, she had her first mail at her new address.  She still emails me from time to time to wish me well and to thank me. I will never forget her and her family.

A first-time homebuyer at age 50!

Jasimine Baker — Loan Officer, Sterling, VA

NMLS# 839866

From the beginning, my customer “Lisa” was hesitant to get prequalified for a mortgage. As a life-long renter she had a lot of anxiety about the unknowns of the homebuying process. I explained to her what underwriters look for and how the process works.  She provided the needed documents to me right away even though she was convinced she wouldn’t qualify. I made sure she was informed and felt comfortable every step of the way. And as promised, it was a smooth process from start to finish.  She trusted me to thoroughly explore all her options from beginning to end. And with my assistance, she was finally able to become a first-time homebuyer at age 50! Lisa’s journey just goes to show that it’s never too late to “Start Your Journey Home.” This is just one of the many customer success stories I facilitate for my borrowers every day. I take great pride in helping people realize their dreams of homeownership. It is especially rewarding when, like Lisa, they don’t believe it can be done!

She knows her stuff!

Lauren Melonas — Loan Officer, Solana Beach, CA

NMLS# 1468078

Lauren was fantastic to work with! She was patient and professional, answered all my questions and hopped on several calls to explain various concepts to me. As a first-time home buyer, I was trying to learn everything I could about this process while viewing properties and she was great at confirming, clarifying or correcting information I found on the internet. She was super responsive, even though I closed over the winter holidays. I think she ran like 6 estimates for me between Christmas Eve and New Years! I really appreciate her attentiveness and professionalism. She knows her stuff!

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Credit Building Journey to Homeownership

Jasimine Baker — Loan Officer, Sterling VA

NMLS# 839866

My borrowers who I’ll call “Mark and Sandy” had been through some tough times which effected their credit. They knew they were going to face an uphill battle getting approved for mortgage financing. In fact, they were declined by several lenders. They were even told by one of them not to put a deposit down on a house because they would likely lose it. This was extremely disheartening because they had been working hard on bettering their financial situation and had even saved up a nice down payment.

When Mark and Sandy came to me, I struggled to get them preapproved. But seeing how motivated they were I offered to guide them through managing the negative items on their credit report until they were ready to qualify for the mortgage they needed. We worked together to bring them to a better footing.

With transparent communication on both sides, we were finally able to make an offer on a new construction home after a year of hard work. I knew they were nervous after all of the ups and downs they had been through. But I assured them that if they followed through, their deal would not fall apart.

I couldn’t be happier to report that Mark and Sandy have now finally moved into their dream home with an affordable mortgage payment and much better credit!

Nothing feels better than helping someone realize a long-held dream of homeownership. That’s why I love what I do. Mark and Sandy are hard-working all-around good people. I was honored to use my experience and knowledge of mortgage credit to give them the helping hand they needed.

A Cash-Out Refinance Win-Win

Sara Shea — Loan Officer, Sterling VA

NMLS# 643514

I love it when what I do really helps someone. I wanted to share one of my customer’s success stories with you. My borrower who I’ll call “Joe” lives in a hurricane prone region. The last big hurricanes in his area caused his entire town and his employer’s business to shut down for several months. There was no disaster relief offered at that time in his community. With the shut downs Joe and his family struggled to cover their monthly bills and were forced to take out high interest credit card debt to cover their expenses. This had a profoundly negative impact on his credit score. I helped Joe get a Cash Out Refinance. With those funds Joe was able to pay off all of his high interest credit card debt and cover the cost of new flooring and other upgrades to his home. As a result, Joe’s credit score shot up almost 150 points in the two months after closing and his home got a facelift. That’s what I call a win-win!

We Simply Deliver

Sara Shea — Loan Officer, Sterling VA

NMLS# 643514

“Diane” was a life-long medical professional in West Virginia only months away from retirement when the pandemic hit. As a result of the shutdowns Diane’s employer was forced to lay off most of the staff. The layoff caused a few problems with her credit and she was forced to go into a retail position just to survive. Diane eventually decided that it would be better for her to relocate to South Carolina to be closer to family. She put her house in West Virginia up for sale and went to another lender to finance her new home in South Carolina. Her house sold right away.
Then, just three weeks from closing on her new place, her lender dropped a bomb that she could not get approved and would not be closing as planned in three weeks. By then she was already staying in a hotel with her two dogs and a cat and was at a total loss about what to do. She tried a couple more lenders who told her that it would take about 6 months to clean up her Covid credit problems and get to closing. Everything hung in the balance with her move and her new home. She was beginning to panic and time was running out.

Thankfully her selling agent recommended that she reach out to SecurityNational. We were able to expedite her credit repair and get her to the closing table ON TIME! Even her agent couldn’t believe it and had been telling Diane right up until the day before the closing she didn’t think we could pull it off. We did it. It’s what we do here. If there is a way, we will find it. We simply deliver! Check out the difference for yourself!